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What Is The Labyrinth?
Rock Maze

A labyrinth is a wonderful meditation and clearing tool to bring clarity to a situation or experience. Not to be confused with a maze, as a maze is created to confuse with dead ends. The labyrinth is a continuous path leading to a center, then leading back out. Each journey is unique. Often used for self-discovery.

Walking the labyrinth has two parts, the journey to the center and the journey back out.  When entering the path and traveling to the center, check for blockages and remove them to clear your path. Stop in the center to take time to reflect on the journey there. What is clear now? Have blockages been removed to help resolve this issue? What more is there to do?  When ready, take the path back out, remove blockages along the path, take time to reflect at the end. Repeat as many times as you like. This brings brain balance and clears the mind to move forward with the task at hand. Each session, something new is revealed.

This is a different type of meditation, an active meditation, as you are looking at the labyrinth as you ‘walk’ it with your finger or walk it in nature. Setting the intention for the meditation and stopping to clear blockages, reflect to get answers in the middle, and at the end are key.


We must remember that as we clear one thing, others may show up, as we are clearing one layer at a time. Each layer has a different focus. Sometimes, the same blockage shows up, this just means to go deeper! Do not get discouraged if the same things come up many times! Be persistent in clearing these blockages! Open the door to all possibilities and right thinking!

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